Below are write-ups of each of the Ages (and major areas related to the D’ni on Earth). These write-ups will eventually include information on not just the restoration efforts (or creation efforts for those made by explorers who have rediscovered the Art of making new Ages), but also general information on the Age itself.

Table Key

Location: This is the name of the area or Age. If an Age only has one area that has been restored/created then only the Age’s name will be included. For Ages that have multiple distinct locations that are in different phases, they will have multiple entries with each entry listing both the Age and the area within the Age.

Workers: These are the people (or group) who have worked to restore the area/Age or have written the Age.

Current Phase: This uses the DRC 5 phase system. For those who don’t use this system an approximation has been included. Each phase is as follows:

  • Phase One: – Initial Mapping
  • Phase Two: – Structural Analysis
  • Phase Three: – Detailed Analysis
  • Phase Four: – Restoration
  • Phase Five: Final Pass before approved for a private release.
  • Open: Completely available to members of the public.

In addition something may have a phase of “Private Release”. This typically means that Restoration has been completed but it is not available to members of the public.

Access Status: This details how access to a location can be obtained. The following statuses are currently being used:

  • Unavailable: This means it is not accessible to full public access.
  • Drizzle Hack: Over the years explorers have found ways to hack into the Nexus to create a new category where they’re able to grant access to explorers who have a hacked KI. Locations with this access status are available through such methods. For details on this hack and how to apply it, visit the Guild of Writers website.
  • Guild of Writers: This is similar to the Drizzle Hack. However instead of hacking your own KI you simply need to request access from the Guild of Writers themselves.
  • Yeesha Released: These are locations that are quite easily accessed and can be done similar to DRC Released locations. However access was never officially authorised by the DRC and typically you can only gain access by going through one of Yeesha’s “journeys”.
  • DRC Approved: This is an explorer led restoration (or creation) that has gained DRC approval. These are easily accessible and at this stage require you to simply link to the Watcher’s Pub and from there to Chiso Preniv where a linking book to this location can be found
  • DRC Released: These are the most easily accessible areas and can be gained through standard methods authorised by the DRC. Many DRC Released locations are part of one of Yeesha’s Journeys.


LocationWorkersCurrent PhaseAccess Status
0023 UnknownDRCPhase 1Unavailable
0049 UnknownDRCPhase 1Unavailable
AhnonayDRCOpenDRC Released
Ahnonay CathedralDRCOpenDRC Released
“Bead Age”DRC, The Third PathPhase 3Unavailable
“Jellyfish Age”DRC, The Third PathPhase 3Unavailable
Chiso PrenivPatrick DulebohnOpenDRC Approved
Cass – Area AThe Third PathOpen
Cass – Area BThe Third PathPhase 4Unavailable
Cavern of RolepDRCPhase OneUnavailable
DahtamnayDRC, The Third PathPhase 1Unavailable
Eder AhryeeThe Third PathPhase 1Unavailable
Eder DelinDRCOpenDRC Released
Eder FahseeThe Third AgePhase 4Unavailable
Eder GiraDRCOpenDRC Released
Eder Gira – Area IIDRCPhase 1Unavailable
Eder KemoDRCOpenDRC Released
Eder Tehren (Tefoonet’ahn)The Third Path SuspendedUnavailable
Eder TsogalDRCOpenDRC Released
Er’canaDRCOpenDRC Released
Fahets – Area AThe Third PathOpen
Fahets – Crimson ValeThe Third PathPhase 1Unavailable
Fahets – SwampThe Third PathPhase 3Unavailable
Gateway NexusThe Third PathPhase 4Unavailable
Gahreseen – Area IDRCOpenDRC Released
Gahreseen – Area IIDRCPhase 4Unavailable
Gahreseen – Area IIIDRCPhase 1Unavailable
JalakDRCOpenDRC Released
Kadish TolesaDRCOpenDRC Released
KahloDRC, The Third PathPhase 4Unavailable
KalameeDRC, The Third PathPhase 2Unavailable
KehrahnThe Third PathPrivate ReleaseUnavailable
Laki’ahnDRCOpenDrizzle Hack
LehnsThe Third PathPhase 3Unavailable
Maintainer’s NexusDRCOpenDRC Released
MinkataDRCOpenDRC Released
MystUnknownOpenYeesha Released
NolobenDRCOpenDrizzle Hack
PentoDRC, The Third PathPhase 1Unavailable
PirahnayDRC, The Third PathPhase 1Unavailable
“Pod Age” – DerenoDRCOpenDRC Released
“Pod Age” – NegilahnDRCOpenDRC Released
“Pod Age” – PayiferenDRCOpenDRC Released
“Pod Age” – TestonotDRCOpenDRC Released
RahtevneeDRCPhase 2Unavailable
RebekDRC, The Third PathPhase 3Unavailable
ReltoYeeshaOpenYeesha Released
Teledahn – Area IDRCOpenDRC Released
Teledahn – Isolated PlatformUnknownPhase 1Yeesha Released
Teledahn – Area IIDRCPhase 1Unavailable
TodelmerDRCPhase 4Drizzle Hack
SulThe Third PathPhase 4Unavailable
Veelay TsahvahnPatrick DulebohnOpenDRC Approved
VenalemDRC, The Third PathPhase 1Unavailable