Cass (originally named Tochoortahv, Place of Learning) was the second age written by modern day explorer, Keith Lord.


Cass has been developed twice due to a fire that occurred in 2009.

Original Development

Cass, under the name of Tochoortahv, was originally designed to be an Age for The Third Path where people could learn the Art

  • Initial Work
    • 2nd June, 2009: Concept for Tochoortahv presented in TTP meeting, unanimous vote in favor of beginning project. Dr. Keira Benson and Sophie Thomas designated project leads.
    • 3rd June, 2009: TTP documentation on Age Writing begins to be sorted through and organized for publication.
    • 9th June, 2009: Location established to house project, initial Link to take place and the usual samples taken for testing.

      Sophie and her team begins work on an imager for the location based on the Cleft imager technology.
  • Phase One
    • 10th June, 2009: Samples are given the all clear. Phase 1 begins.
    • 11th June, 2009: Phase 1 completed, Location skipped to Phase 3.
  • Phase Three
    • 12th June, 2009: Initial checks show structure is secure, further checks to take place.
    • 15th June, 2009: Floor work has been finished, edging tiling needs to go down. Bookshelf added to location.
    • 16th June, 2009: Work on location almost completed. Firemarble lamp broken after not being correctly fixed to the ceiling, replacement needed.
    • 17th June, 2009: Work on the location has now been completed. Location still awaiting documentation, imager, and pedestals for lesson Ages; Artas, Tailehn and Orth.

      K.Lord stops by to see how work progressed.

      Age up for Phase 5 reviewing and possible limited release.

      Age has passed Phase 5, Linking Books have been sent to several people as part of a limited release before the full release.
  • Phase Five
    • 19th June, 2009: Lesson Ages and documentation has been placed in Tochoortahv.

      Sophie Thomas reports significant delays to the imager.
    • 1st July, 2009: Imager project has been scrapped due to technical issues, other venues are being considered.

      Ri’neref painting that was restored has been placed in the location in place of the Imager.
  • Open
    • 2nd July, 2009: Age is approved for public release. Books are made available upon request from Keith Lord.

    • Explorer Jadam discovers that a fire had been set in Cass, destroying all of the collected books, including Descriptive Books to other Ages. Other explorers note that carved into the wall, in D’ni, is a message saying “Outsiders must not learn the Art”. Subsquent investigations do not reveal the perpetrator and the original plans for Cass are scrapped.

Current Development

After the fire the Age is renamed Cass and work begins for it to act as a museum for artifacts and information concerning D’ni and the various Ages.

  • Initial Work
    • 8th July, 2009: Rough concepts have been sketched out for the Ages future. A team has been sent in to sound the surrounding area to see if the room can be expanded.
  • Phase Four
    • 9th July, 2009: Expansion into the second area is underway.
    • 10th July, 2009: Water has started flooding the second area, crews are at a loss to where the source of the water is.
    • 11th July, 2009: Link in point cleaned up, new paintings have been placed in the room along with a pedestal for the Tochoortahv book of commentary.

      Team worked tirelessly to get the framework up.
    • 12th July, 2009: The flooding levels have dropped. Crews have managed to stop the water from filtering into the work area.
    • 14th July, 2009: Book of commentary has been placed on the pedestal. Work in the second room, or the hall as it’s now known, is coming along nicely, base of the room structure is almost complete. Tochoortahv has been renamed Cass. Cass will now serve as a museum to D’ni its fall and restoration.
    • 23rd October, 2009: With the release of Fahets, a small group has been assigned to working on Cass once again.

      Work continues on the hall. Pedestals and plinths have been brought in to display the various artifacts. Steven’s team has been tasked with grouping artifacts together and prepping them for eventual transport to Cass.
    • 3rd October, 2015: Having sat in stasis due to various events Cass sees activity again as Ian returns to continue with development. Various artifacts have been moved to Cass, several items have been donated by explorer “Mystriven”.
    • 15th November, 2015: A strange stone has appeared within Cass. The stone has a strange disc with a spiral hand design upon it. At this time it is unknown what purpose this stone holds.