Dahtamnay was originally created by the D’ni for the production of fire marbles.


Covered in a vast frozen ocean, a warm belt runs through the middle of the Age created by tectonic activity below the surface. Within this warm belt the temperatures range from 0 to 32 degrees (farenheit). A low lying mountain range formed on the edge of the warm belt.

The day and nights of this Age are extremely long.

Industrial Zone

Located in a valley at the top of the warm belt’s mountain range, the D’ni built a large industrial area.

Power Complex: A large building reaches down below the surface, following the fault lines, to absorb the heat and provide power. D’ni workers would be located on the upper levels to operate the steam power. This building provided power to the rest of the Age as well as created fire marbles on site.

Wharves: On the outer edge of the valley, these lead down to the frozen ocean where D’ni sled runners would go out to collect the materials needed for fire marbles.


Covering most of the Age, the ocean is almost entirely frozen due to the extreme cold temperatures that drop down as low as -200 degrees (farenheit). It also has consistent electrical storms and strong winds making travel across the ocean quite dangerous.

Such was the danger of the ocean that weather forecasts were critical to safely navigating it.

Mobile Drilling Platforms

Located on the ocean, these mobile platforms were responsible for drilling down to harvest the raw materials needed to create fire marbles. When the D’ni operated this Age, sled runners (both public and private) would take the raw material from the mobile drilling platforms and return it to the Industrial Zone for processing. Owing to the short half-life of the raw materials speed was critical for these runs.


These existed beyond the mobile drilling platforms on even further mountain ranges, well outside the warm belt. There are 6 of these believe to have existed, although there are possible more than that undocumented.


Originally the DRC surveyed this Age. Following their departure in 2008 the explorers took it over as part the “Intangibles Project” of the 3rd restoration.

  • Phase One
    • September, 2000: Dr. Kodama decided that the environment was too volatile and posed an extreme threat.
    • 12th August, 2006: Dr. Kodama reaffirms the suspension of work on this project
    • 2008 or later: Explorers take over Dahtamnay as part of the “Intangibles Project”.