Eder Ahryee

Eder Ahryee was written by the D’ni Nemen in 8712 DE and gifted to his father Yaris. It served as the family’s Age until the Fall at which time Fehnir’s family, along with his colleague Jilen, escaped into the Age. Fehnir himself died before reaching the Age. Veovis and A’gaeris sent through a corpse of another infected body and wiped out the survivors who had fled to the Age, with the exception of Jilen who was living away from the family and possibly Nalen who fled to Lehns.

Jilen was still living in Eder Ahryee when it was discovered and visited by Keith Lord and Steven Ross of The Third Path. However Jilen has since disappeared.


This Age is being restored by Keith Lord.

  • Phase One:
    • Current phase.