Eder Gira

In ancient times this Age was a rest Age that the D’ni went to in order to relax

Eder Gira was written during the “Garden Binge” of the 8100’s along with Eder Kemo and numerous others.

Though the Age was given to the D’ni general population by the Lords of the time, Gira was quickly discovered to house a number of animals, a native population, and archaeological records of varying kinds. The Age was removed from general access and given to various study groups.

The actual Age of Eder Gira is much larger than the portion that will be released to the public initially.

Outlying areas are diverse and surprisingly different than those already open. Much work is needed.


The Restoration of this Age was worked on by the DRC. The efforts were split into at least two parts.

Area I

  • Phase One
    • October 2002: Completed and approved.
  • Phase Two
    • Initial Mapping Complete by Marie Sutherland
    • Phase Two Approval by Ikuro Kodama
  • Phase Three
    • May 2003: Detailed Analysis Started
    • June, 2003: Architectural analysis completed. Approval given by Michael Engberg.
  • Phase Four
    • 17th July, 2003: Currently in Phase Four.
  • Phase Five
    • 6th February, 2004: Phase Five, but work is suspended.
    • August 2003: Approved by Marie Sutherland
  • Open
    • Achieved sometime before 15th June, 2006.

Area II

  • Phase One:
    • 15th August, 2006: Approval for Phase One is given again, although it is recommended that work be suspended.