Eder Kemo

Eder Kemo was written during the “Garden Binge” of the 8100’s along with Eder Gira and numerous others.

Eder Kemo is a Garden Age filled with a variety of trees, shrubs, and random vegetation. Storms come through the Age on a frequent basis keeping the vegetation healthy and alive. Eder Kemo incudes a small pond is abundant with fish (in fact the fish are what the Age was named after).

Though the Age was given to the D’ni general population by the Lords of the time, it was later replaced with a different Age.


The Restoration of this Age was worked on by the DRC.

  • Phase One
    • October 2001: Completed and approved.
  • Phase Two
    • Initial Mapping Complete by Marie Sutherland
    • Phase Two Approval by Marie Sutherland
  • Phase Three or Phase Four
    • 9th September 2002: Because of mysterious happenings, suspension is recommended by Richard Watson. The vote fails due to information received on the 23rd September 2002.
    • November 2003: Detailed analysis started
  • Phase Five
    • August 2003: Approved by Marie Sutherland
    • 6th February, 2003: Work has been suspended.
  • Open
    • Unknown