Pod Age

No official name is known for this Age. It was a museum Age where a number of pods were setup across the continents in different regions for visitors to witness the wildlife and natural scenery from inside a series of pods.


The Restoration of this Age was initially worked on by the DRC, and subsequently explorers, with each area restored through it’s own process.

Negilahn (Pod 18)

Negilahn was restored by the DRC.

  • Phase Three
    • 17th July, 2003: Negilahn enters phase three.
  • Open:
    • March 1, 2007: Access is granted by the DRC.

Pod 12

Pod 12 was discovered by an explorer named Calum who has since taken up the process of restoring the area.

  • Pre-Phase One:
    • 2010 or later: Calum sets out on an expedition from Payiferen and reaches the Pod 12 area. Initial restoration work begins.
    • 24th August, 2020: After many years of no work, Calum begins restoration work once more and discovers the rockshelf for the initial linking in point had collapsed.
  • Phase One:
    • 7th September, 2020: Phase 1 work begins on the Pod 12 area.