In the year 8990, Grand Master Mararon of the Guild of Writers wrote Teledahn for his good friend and fellow member of the High Council Lord Hinahsh. Lord Hinahsh was also Grand Master of the Guild of Caterers. The age was given to the Lord as a 250th birthday present and was a beautiful age covered with giant mushrooms that grew out of a warm water that covered most of the surface of the Age.

Though Hinahsh spent a relatively small amount of time on the Age, he found enough time to study and experiment with the mushrooms and the numerous spores that they produced. Being that he was a gifted cook, Hinahsh began to develop a unique bread recipe from the spores that went out to become a delicacy amongst the elite of D’ni

After his death in 9005, the Age was given to the Guild of Caterers. While the Guild ran a sucessful operation there for a number of years under the control of Guild Captain Ventus, eventually the machinery and industrlialization was too much for the environment. The Age was possibly auctioned off before it was thrown away, cosidered “used up”.

Teledahn’s difficulties eventually corrected themself by the time Teledahn entered the hands of Manesmo, who rumor has it, found it while rummaging through a trash heap.

Records indicate an investigation was started in 9396 concerning the storage and trading of slaves to Rebek, with the harvesting of spores as a front for the operation. The Guild of Maintainers kept the investigation quiet so as to not give Manesmo time to cover his operation but he always seemed to be one step ahead of them. It would seem the truth was never uncovered before the Fall of D’ni.

In modern times, the first book to link to Teledahn was discovered by Douglas Sharper who then went on to restore it.


The Restoration of this Age was worked on by the DRC.

  • Phase One
    • October, 1997: Phase 1 inspections passed.
    • November, 1997: Responsibility of the restoration is given to Douglas Sharper.
    • 15th February, 1998: A cache of journals and notes are found by Douglas Sharper. Restoration Engineer Sam is assigned the task of translating them to English.
    • 3rd March, 1998: Shroomie is first sighted by Douglas Sharper.
    • April, 1998: Sam is removed from the translation of the documents.
    • September, 1998: Douglas Sharper begins work on the tower.
    • 1st October, 1998: Nick begins working on translating the Teledahn documents.
    • 5th November, 1998: Douglas Sharper completes his work on the the tower.
    • Initial mapping completed by Ikuro Kodama before he gave it approval to enter Phase Two.
    • 7th January, 1999: Douglas Sharper begins fixing the pump and converting it to pump out the water in the lagoon.
    • 4th February, 1999: Douglas Sharper’s work on the pump in Teledahn is finished.
  • Phase Two
    • March, 1999: Detailed analysis started.
  • Phase Four
    • April, 2000: Douglas Sharper works on the cars and elevator.
    • 15th June, 2000: Douglas Sharper completes work on the cars.
    • 2nd July, 2000: Douglas Sharper completes work on the elevator.
    • August, 2000: Douglas Sharper begins work on fixing lights.
    • 31st October, 2000: Douglas Sharper completes work on the walkways on the.
    • 1st November, 2000: Passes inspection by Ikuro Kodama.
  • Phase Five
    • 30th of June, 2001: Douglas Sharper completes work on installing a mining gun on the docks for the DRC, however it isn’t yet operational.
    • December, 2001: Architectural analysis completed and approved by Michael Engberg.
    • 25th May, 2002: Passes approval by Ikuro Kodama.
    • August, 2002: Analysis completed and transcribed by Simpson.