The D’ni travelled to Earth and the cavern millennia ago when their home Age became uninhabitable. They named the Cavern D’ni and lived there until the Great Plague hit. Access to D’ni was first gained in modern times in the 1980s and beginning in the early 2000s explorers have been travelling to D’ni ever since. Originally the DRC worked on restoring D’ni. However when they left the cavern in 2008 explorers took over the restoration efforts in their absence.

Table Key

Location: This is the name of the area or Age. If an Age only has one area that has been restored/created then only the Age’s name will be included. For Ages that have multiple distinct locations that are in different phases, they will have multiple entries with each entry listing both the Age and the area within the Age.

Workers: These are the people (or group) who have worked to restore the area/Age or have written the Age.

Current Phase: This uses the DRC 5 phase system. For those who don’t use this system an approximation has been included. Each phase is as follows:

  • Phase One: – Initial Mapping
  • Phase Two: – Structural Analysis
  • Phase Three: – Detailed Analysis
  • Phase Four: – Restoration
  • Phase Five: Final Pass before approved for a private release.
  • Open: Completely available to members of the public.

In addition something may have a phase of “Private Release”. This typically means that Restoration has been completed but it is not available to members of the public.

Access Status: This details how access to a location can be obtained. The following statuses are currently being used:

  • Unavailable: This means it is not accessible to full public access.
  • Drizzle Hack: Over the years explorers have found ways to hack into the Nexus to create a new category where they’re able to grant access to explorers who have a hacked KI. Locations with this access status are available through such methods. For details on this hack and how to apply it, visit the Guild of Writers website.
  • Guild of Writers: This is similar to the Drizzle Hack. However instead of hacking your own KI you simply need to request access from the Guild of Writers themselves.
  • Yeesha Released: These are locations that are quite easily accessed and can be done similar to DRC Released locations. However access was never officially authorised by the DRC and typically you can only gain access by going through one of Yeesha’s “journeys”.
  • DRC Approved: This is an explorer led restoration (or creation) that has gained DRC approval. These are easily accessible and at this stage require you to simply link to the Watcher’s Pub and from there to Chiso Preniv where a linking book to this location can be found
  • DRC Released: These are the most easily accessible areas and can be gained through standard methods authorised by the DRC. Many DRC Released locations are part of one of Yeesha’s Journeys.

D’ni Locations

These are locations located in D’ni itself.

LocationWorkersCurrent PhaseAccess Status
Ae’gura AquariumDRC, The Third PathPhase 4Unavailable
Ae’gura Arch MuseumDRCPhase 1Unavailable
Ae’gura City Interior 0054DRCPhase 2Unavailable
Ae’gura City Interior 0062DRCPhase 1Unavailable
Ae’gura City Interior 0078DRCPhase 3Unavailable
Ae’gura City Interior 0082DRCPhase 1Unavailable
Ae’gura DocksDRCOpenDRC Released
Ae’gura Guild HallDRCPhase 1Unavailable
Ae’gura Great ZeroDRCOpenDRC Released
Ae’gura J’taeri DistrictDRCPhase 2Unavailable
Ae’gura J’taeri District – Watcher’s PubDRCOpenDRC Released
Ae’gura LibraryDRCOpenDRC Released
Ae’gura MuseumDRCOpenDRC Released
Ae’gura Palace CourtyardDRCPhase 2Unavailable
Ae’gura Spy RoomDRCOpen*DRC Released*
Ae’gura Sunken VesselDRCPhase OneUnavailable
Ashem’en DistrictDRCPhase 5Yeesha Released
Baron City OfficeDRCOpen*DRC Released*
Belari DistrictDRCPhase 1Unavailable
City CenterDRCPhase 1Unavailable
DescentYeeshaOpenYeesha Released
D’ni Figurine ShopDRC, The Third PathPhase 1Unavailable
Fehnir HouseThe Third PathOpenGuild of Writers
Great ShaftYeeshaOpenYeesha Released
Guild PubsDRCOpenDRC Released
Kahlo PubDRCOpen*DRC Released*
Katha IslandDRC, The Third PathPhase 1Unavailable
K’veerDRCOpenYeesha Released
Neighbourhood – BevinDRCOpenDRC Released
Neighbourhood – KirelDRCOpenDRC Released
Neighbourhood – SeretDRCOpenDRC Released
Neighbourhood – TehrenThe Third PathPrivate ReleaseUnavailable
Messenger’s PubPatrick DulebohnOpenDRC Approved
“Restorers” PubDRCPhase FourUnavailable
Rudenna – Bahro CaveYeeshaOpenYeesha Released
Star FissureYeeshaOpenYeesha Released
Vothol Gallery“Rustee”OpenGuild of Writers

*The DRC never officially opened this or released it, however a DRC worker facilitated (either wittingly or unwittingly) explorers gaining access to it.