Guild Pubs

The Guild Pubs are five locations within D’ni that were released by the DRC. They are:

  • Guild of Cartographers Pub
  • Guild of Greeters Pub
  • Guild of Maintainers Pub
  • Guild of Messengers Pub
  • Guild of Writers Pub

It is assumed that for four of the pubs, they were used by the original D’ni guilds they are associated with. The Guild of Greeters Pub was repurposed from another Guild for use by the modern day Guild of Greeters. Which guild originally used the pub is unknown.


Access is gained through the Nexus by wearing a shirt associated with one of the five guilds.


The Restoration of this area was initially carried out by the DRC.

  • Open
    • 9th September, 2007: Access to the five pubs is made available to explorers.