Vothol Gallery

Situated with a waterfront view, Vothol Gallery had artwork showcasing various Ages on display at the time of the fall. Whether or not that was the original purpose of the gallery is unknown.

Currently it has been stabilised with some of the debris removed to allow movement throughout the gallery. Three portraits of people are hanging on display, replacing the non-functional artwork that had previously been there.


First discovered by an explorer nicknamed Rusty (or Rustee), access initially became available via the Guild of Writers in 2010, before it became open to the general population in 2021 when a linking book was added to Chiso Preniv.


Initial restoration began by an explorer known as Rusty, before Patrick Dulebohn and his team took over, leading to it’s release to the general public.

  • Phase 1:
    • An explorer who goes by the name “Rusty” discovers Vothol Gallery while sailing across the D’ni lake in a boat.
    • Later on several linking books of a similar design are discovered by “Rusty” with one of them leading to Vothol Gallery.
  • Phase 4:
    • Non-functional artwork and some rubble are removed by “Rusty”.
    • Access to the Age becomes available to explorers by contacting the Guild of Writers around August 2010.
    • Patrick Doulobohn and his team take over restoration of the site.
  • Phase 5:
    • 25th March, 2021: Final inspections and testing begin.
  • Open:
    • 2nd July, 2021: Location is opened to the general population.