These are people who were either D’ni, or directly descended from D’ni.

Guild Members

Guild Captain Ventus

Ventus was a Guild Captain of the Caterers Guild. He directly oversaw the operations of Teledahn for a number of years and saw it go from a personal Age to a fully industrialised one in order to facilitate the efficient harvesting of the mushroom spoors native to this Age. As part of this, he installed a gate in order to keep the local aquatic wildlife from being able to feed on the mushrooms that were being harvested.

In industrialising Teledahn, Ventus destroyed it’s beauty and eventually the Age was auctioned off.

Other D’ni

These are D’ni who either had no known formal affiliations or titles.


Manesmo is a D’ni who gained ownership of Teledahn sometime after it was auctioned off by the Guild of Caterers. He resumed the harvesting of the mushroom spoors and made quite a bit of profit on this. However he was also involved in a slave trade and facilitated the transport of a number of slaves to Rebek.

Shortly before the Fall, Manesmo was under investigation for the slave trade by the Guild of Maintainers. However records indicate they did not find any evidence before the investigation was brought to an abrupt end with the destruction of D’ni society.