This section is dedicated to everything we know about the religions of the D’ni and the inhabitants of the various Ages. This does not cover human religions from the surface of Earth.

In D’ni society the official religion of the D’ni involved Yahvo, there were a few others. They were:

  • One D’ni
  • The Religion of Channelwood
  • The Sacred Stone
  • The Tree
  • Water

The official religion was that of Yahvo with the Church of Yahvo being the body that determined what the official religion taught. However in addition to the Church were numerous sects that sprung up around particular prophets of Yahvo. In 2500 DE there were 2000 of them registered at that time. Despite the large number of sects only a few are known today. They are:

  • Followers of the Watcher
  • Followers of Tevahr
  • Followers of Yahvo
  • Followers of Nemiya
  • Judges of Yahvo
  • Writers of Yahvo
  • Blood of Yahvo

With the exception of the Followers of Yahvo, the term “Followers of” is used when the name of the sect that rose around someone is currently unknown.