Prophets and Prophecies

This section is dedicated to the numerous prophets that have been a part of D’ni history. They are:

  • Oorpah
  • Ahlsendar
  • Aleshay
  • Nemiya
  • The Watcher
  • Tevahr
  • Hailesi
  • Athsheba
  • Trisari
  • Gish
  • Jo’irimah
  • Katran

This section outlines the prophecies that we have discovered which have normally been collected in books or works. The prophecies themselves are:

  • Ancient Terahnee Prophecy
  • The Channelwood Prophecy
  • Regeltavok Oorpah
  • Ejemah’terak
  • Gerad’jenah
  • Korokh Jimah
  • Urakh’nidar
  • The Visions of Jo’irimah
  • Words
  • Katran’s Prophecies

Below are possible fulfillment’s of the above prophecies.

  • Fulfullment of the Ancient Terahnee Prophecy
  • Fulfillment of the Channelwood Prophecy
  • Fulfilled Prophecies from Regeltavok Oorpah
  • Fulfilled Prophecies from Ejemah’terak
  • Fulfilled Prophecies from Korokh Jimah
  • Fulfullment of the Visions of Jo’irimah
  • Fulfilled Prophecies from Words
  • Katran’s Prophecies Fulfilled