1st Restoration

The first modern day restoration of D’ni began with the establishment of the D’ni Restoration Foundation, which evolved into the D’ni Restoration Council. One of the major pieces of work the DRC undertook was to restore Ages, and D’ni itself, with a rigorous approval process. Since they left in 2008 various explorers have continuede their work and began new work themselves, including writing entirely new Ages of their own.


The pages below make mention of phases. The restoration effort has been split into five phases with approval needed for each phase to be considered finished. The phases are:

  • Phase One (P1) – Initial Mapping
  • Phase Two (P2) – Structural Analysis
  • Phase Three (P3) – Detailed Analysis
  • Phase Four (P4) – Restoration
  • Phase Five (P5) – Final Pass before approved for Explorers

DRC Area Approval Listings

The approval area listings were the DRC’s way of communicating to the explorers the state of the various Ages. It underwent three styles. It began with quite a simple style of simply showing the age along with the current phase.

It then became more complex by showing the next phase along with the expected date it would reach that phase.

1st Restoration’s End

The ending of restoration was announced on 7th February, 2004 due to Dr. Watson leaving and the loss of funding.