Area Approval – 30th of December 2003

These were the details made available on the 30th of December 2003.

Age NameCurrent PhaseEstimated Date
Ae’gura DocksPhase FourQ1 2004
Ae’gura LibraryPhase FourQ1 2004
Ae’gura MuseumPhase FiveQ1 2004
AhnonayPhase Three2004
City ProperPhase OneNo Estimate
City Interior 0054Phase Two2004
City Interior 0062Phase OneSuspended
City Interior 0078Phase OneNo Estimate
City Interior 0080Phase FiveQ1 2004
DahtamnayPhase OneSuspended
DerenoPhase Two2004
Eder GiraPhase FiveQ1 2004
Eder KemoPhase FiveQ1 2004
Er’CanaPhase FourQ1 2004
Great Tree PubPhase FourSuspended
Great ZeroPhase FiveQ1 2004
Guild HallPhase OneNo Estimate
Hood Game RoomPhase OneNo Estimate
J’Taeri DistrictPhase One2004
Kadish TolesaPhase FiveQ1 2004
KahloPhase FourSuspended
KalameePhase OneSuspended
Katha IslandPhase OneNo Estimate
K’veerPhase ThreeNo Estimate
LakiPhase Two2004
NegilahnPhase FourQ1 2004
NolobenPhase Two2004
PentoPhase OneSuspended
PirahnayPhase OneSuspended
RebekPhase TwoSuspended
“Restorers” PubPhase Four2004
Sunken Vessel (Ae’gura)Phase OneSuspended
TeledahnPhase FiveQ1 2004
TodelmerPhase Four2004
Uran (Silo)Phase FourQ1 2004
VenalemPhase OneSuspended
0023 UnknownPhase TwoNo Estimate