3rd Restoration

Even during the 2nd Restoration, explorers had begun finding linking books to Ages and areas of D’ni that the DRC had not started work on and began working on them themselves. With the departure of the DRC these efforts became part of the 3rd modern restoration of D’ni.

Communication was limited due to the KI being shutdown by the DRC before their departure. As such explorers largely worked within their own groups to begin with, although some began to hack their own KIs to allow limited communication amongst each other. Then on 8th February, 2010 the full functionality of the KI was reactivated to facilitate gatherings and greater communication among explorers.


Most explorers have adopted the phase system utilised by the DRC. The phases are:

  • Phase One (P1) – Initial Mapping
  • Phase Two (P2) – Structural Analysis
  • Phase Three (P3) – Detailed Analysis
  • Phase Four (P4) – Restoration
  • Phase Five (P5) – Final Pass before approved for Explorers

Project Intangibles

A group of explorers were able to secure access to some DRC areas and restarted the restoration work on these areas. They were given official sanction for this work, although were required to sign an NDA, limiting what could be discussed openly. On 4th June, 2021 the full details of this work were released to the general public.


Since the start of the third modern restoration, explorers have been sharing their restoration efforts as well as Ages they had written themselves. Initially this was done via the Offline KI/Drizzle Hack and then starting later a number of groups began to emerge to facilitate explorers sharing their efforts.

The groups (and when they increased their ability to facilitate the sharing of new areas) are:

  • The Open Cave (1st October, 2010)
  • Deep Island (23rd August, 2010)
  • Windring (2011): No longer in operation.
  • Minkata (11th December, 2011): Exists for safety inspections of new areas.
  • Guild of Writers (4th February, 2011)
  • Lyros (2nd March, 2012): Existed for safety inspections of new areas. No longer in operation.
  • Destiny (1st February, 2013): : Exists for safety inspections of new areas.
  • The Lost City of Atlantis (29th April, 2013): Existed for safety inspections of new areas. No longer in operation.

The first new areas to be released for all explorers to visit, even those outside of these groups, were released on the 21st February, 2020. These areas were Chiso Preniv, Veelay Tsahvahn and a newly restored Messenger’s Pub. Over 250 explorers were present for the unveiling. These built upon work that had been facilitated by some of the above groups.

Additional areas have been released for all explorers to visit since then.

Restoration Updates

During the third restoration, information on the work has been decentralised. Below are a series of listings in the style of the DRC updates in an effort to provide a central location for the most up to date information.

Areas are only included if the work is being done with the goal of being open to all explorers. Areas which are only intended for release amongst the Guild of Writers, the Deep Island group or via the Drizzle Hack are not included.