2nd Restoration

The restoration efforts of the DRC began anew in 2006 once funding had been secured once more.


Like before, the DRC used their phase system, which was:

  • Phase One (P1) – Initial Mapping
  • Phase Two (P2) – Structural Analysis
  • Phase Three (P3) – Detailed Analysis
  • Phase Four (P4) – Restoration
  • Phase Five (P5) – Final Pass before approved for Explorers

DRC Area Approval Listings

Unlike the first restoration efforts by the DRC, regular updates on the status of Ages and areas was not ongoing. Only two area listings were provided for this period of time.


The DRC’s restoration of D’ni was cancelled once more on 4th February, 2008 due to a loss of funding. The DRC (including Restoration Engineers) left in their official capacity on 10th April, 2008.