Restored Guilds

On 31st July, 2007 the DRC opened up the Kirel Neighbourhood and announced they were resurrecting four D’ni Guilds:

  • Guild of Maintainers
  • Guild of Cartographers
  • Guild of Messengers
  • Guild of Writers

They envisioned a modern day Guild system that would assist in explorations of the Cavern and incorporated the previously created Guild of Greeters into this structure. To help facilitate this they released the Guild Pubs on 9th September, 2007 which were only accessible through the Nexus if you were wearing the corresponding guild shirt.

After the 2nd restoration ended, the Guild of Archivists and Guild of Linguists would also be incorporated into the modern day guilds, although no additional pubs were released for their uses.

There is little that occurs in terms of inter-Guild activities with members of each Guild largely operating independently, coming together to assist each other as needed. Members are also often members of more than one Guild. One exception to this are the All Guilds Meetings.