Guild of Greeters

The Guild of Greeters were an explorer led initiative, originally established by Ron Meiners and Tijara in 2003 as explorers began to arrive in the Cavern as part of the 1st modern restoration. Their mission statement was to provide assistance to new explorers and make their visit to D’ni and it’s Ages as enjoyable as possible.

Their activities centred around the Guild of Greeters neighbourhood where they sought to have members present as often as possible to help field questions from explorers. They were the first guild to be officially recognised by the DRC.

The Guild survived the end of the 1st modern restoration through to the 2nd modern restoration and became part of the restored guilds on 31st July, 2007.

A new guild leadership structure adopted on 9th December 2007 and was implemented on the 1st January, 2008.

New Guild of Greeters

Following the end of the 2nd modern restoration, the Guild of Greeters eventually became defunct. An explorer by the name of Trekluver re-established the Guild in January, 2011. Activity was regular among the guild for the next year, although it became defunct after that. By 2017 it was acknowledged that the Guild was no longer active, although a revival would certainly be welcome by Trekluver if anyone had the energy.