Guild of Messengers

Since explorers first started coming to the Cavern, there was a recognition that there needed to be communication among explorers of various events taking place within the Cavern and it’s associated Ages. Although the DRC announced the restoration of four D’ni Guilds, including the Guild of Messengers on the 31st July, 2007, there were many groups before that announcement which performed that function.

Precursor Groups

Another group in addition to those below was Uru Radio.

Relayer Corps

The Relayer Corps, led by Lynette, would pass information to the neighbourhoods from where events were taking place for those who were unable to get there due to congestion. A smaller group within the Relayers, called the Moderators, would help relay questions from explorers who weren’t present to members of the DRC and other notable workers and visitors to the cavern. The Relayer Corps is no longer active.

Cavern Criers

Branching out from the Relayers, the Cavern Criers would regularly call out news from within a location in Ae’gura, often taking shifts to ensure there was a wide spread of availability of criers for all hours of the day. The Cavern Criers are no longer active.

The Cavern Today

The Cavern Today (also known as Cavern Communications Network) involved the production of a number of podcasts and magazines from at least as early as 2006. It’s efforts included the Archiver, a magazine that was first published on 13th March, 2006 with news of the various events occurring within D’ni. 15 issues of the Archiver were produced with the final one published on 31st August, 2008.

In addition a series of podcasts. The last activity from The Cavern today was in 2013 where it released a remastered version of an earlier podcast episode.

A website created by Marten at least as early as December, 2008, existed as a directory for a number of websites related to the D’ni and it’s related Ages.

The Guild of Messengers

Following the announcement of the restoration of the 4 D’ni Guilds by the DRC, the Guild of Messengers held elections and a number of positions were filled. Luynette, Andros and Shimmerillion were the founders of the Guild with Sophia brought on to assist with the creation of the website and forums.

The initial goal was to create a central location for information and to provide a neutral place for the various Guilds to communicate with each other.

Following the ending of the 2nd modern restoration, was bequeathed by Marten to the Guild and a newsletter was produced by the Guild to keep explorers informed of any updates with Luynette as editor of the newsletter. Upon Theremin taking over the newsletter it was expanded into a full magazine called Go!

An initial flurry of activity occurred within the Guild in 2009 with rumours of explorers possibly returning to the Cavern, but it eventually died down. This changed on 10th February, 2010 when the KI was reactivated and explorers could once more communicate easily amongst each other.

The Guild restarted it’s Newspaper project and people started to be recruited. Then Cavern Criers were re-established as part of the Guild and the Guild started helping facilitate the All Guilds Meetings.

Re-elections were held in 2010 with Leonardo retaining his position of Guild Master and Theremin getting replaced by Lunanne. Luananne became editor in chief of the magazine and renamed it from Go! to the Cavern Post.

In 2011 a fundraiser was held by the Guild of Messengers to help raise funds for the 3rd restoration, with various DJs booked in across a 24 hour window which was a resounding success.

Current Guild Activities

The Guild of Messengers is still active, with their current activities involving:

  • Hosting logs of the AGMs.
  • Maintaining a calendar of events within the Cavern.
  • Maintaining the website
  • Disseminating news on their website and facebook page.